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Mom's Wellness Circle


$15.00 per Week


12 Weeks


About the Course

The Mom’s Wellness Circle is a sanctuary created exclusively for moms seeking a space of support, understanding, and self-discovery. Led by experienced therapists, our group provides a nurturing environment where mothers can explore their well-being, share their joys and challenges, and embark on a collective journey toward balance and fulfillment.

About Us:

The Mom’s Wellness Circle is a haven designed for moms at every stage of their journey. Whether you're navigating the early days of motherhood or embracing the complexities of parenting, our group offers a supportive community where you can authentically connect with others facing similar experiences.

What to Expect:

In our wellness sessions, we delve into a range of topics, including self-care practices, mindfulness techniques, and strategies for managing the demands of motherhood. This is a space for open conversations, shared wisdom, and the celebration of the unique strengths that each mother brings to the group.

Why Join:

- Connect with like-minded moms on a journey toward well-being.

- Explore self-care practices to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

- Share and receive support in a non-judgmental and compassionate setting.

- Learn effective tools for managing stress and enhancing resilience.

- Cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie with fellow moms.

Your Instructor

Danielle Finklea

Danielle Finklea

Danielle M. Finklea, MA, LPCC, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Imagine Me LLC. She received a Master of Arts in Counseling from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in child advocacy from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. Danielle's professional journey began with supporting children with autism. Her focus shifted as department head of a 36 bed safe house for women and children. Her dedication to assisting families in the safe house led to a commitment to aid individuals and families in overcoming substance use disorder, domestic violence, and generational trauma. Danielle trains Colorado state healthcare professionals in culturally responsive care. Danielle serves on the Maternal Mortality Review Committee and the Pikes Peak Continuum of Care Committee. She has been a member of the ACA since 2018. Danielle, originally Washington DC, now lives in Colorado.

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