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Mar 14, 2024 - May 9, 2024

Lotus: Life After Trauma (Adult 18 & up)

  • 57Days
  • 2Steps
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Discover Lotus, a nurturing environment created to uplift and guide survivors on their journey to healing and resilience. With skilled and compassionate therapists, this group offers a safe space for survivors to share, be listened to, and gain support from a community of empathetic individuals. About Us: Lotus offers more than just therapy. We aim to establish a supportive space for survivors to regain their identity, find unity, and start rebuilding their lives. What to Expect: During our sessions, participants take part in trauma-informed discussions, therapeutic exercises, and a supportive community that promotes trust and understanding. We aim to help survivors by exploring coping mechanisms, self-care strategies, and empowering them to rediscover control and resilience. Why Join Connect with others who have gone through similar situations in a safe and supportive setting. Explore unique strategies and tools designed for trauma recovery. Get valuable insights from dedicated therapists committed to your well-being. Foster a sense of personal power and authority in crafting your own story. Develop a supportive and understanding network of individuals.

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Lotus: Life After Trauma

Lotus: Life After Trauma

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