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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

I was not always the person you see before you today. I spent years spiraling out of control; feeling insecure and hopeless. I was controlled by anger and fear. I lived in a constant state of darkness; content with mere survival. Today I have grown from surviving too thriving. I see my worth and find beauty in all of my imperfections. I chose to use my wounds to heal others who are like me.

I grew up in South-East DC; attended Eastern High until my junior year, later graduating from Suitland High. While attending Coppin State University in Baltimore I met the love of my life, Don Finklea Jr. We married in 2001 and share three daughters. I received a BA in Psychology from Florida Tech and am nearing the end of my MA in Counseling from Regis University in Denver CO. I received Life Coach accreditation from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, Peer Recovery Coach accreditation from CCAR, and am a member of the American Counseling Association and NADAAC. Having managed years of anxiety, low self-worth, and depression from trauma, I have dedicated my career to helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, family violence, trafficking, addiction, grief, and homelessness. I am a practicing trauma and recovery coach, author, and speaker.

Imagine stepping into your divine purpose and living a life free of shame and regret. Imagine becoming a person you can be proud of. Imagine loving all your unique quirks and flaws. Imagine overcoming all of the thoughts that have held you back. It’s possible to turn your dreams into reality. You can create the life you deserve.

Imagine Me is here to remind you that your worth is not determined by the way others treat you or the mistakes of your past. Imagine Me is here to spark dialogue about healing your whole being. We discuss issues pertaining to mental health, relationships, parenting, and confidence. We offer a variety of products meant to inspire change and reflection. We also offer a variety of items to encourage self-care.

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