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Embrace JOMO

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The world is inundated with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) moments everywhere we look. They’re easy to find in an age where most of us have instant access to information. Have you ever had that slight moment of panic when you reach for your phone and it’s not there? Did your heart rate rise a little? Did your search become more and more frantic the longer you looked?

Many of us stay in a perpetual state of FOMO, whether it’s overextending ourselves for those perfect Insta moments or the barrage of notifications we get from every news and social media app on our phones. Today I want to explore something different, JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and why it's essential for your well-being, and how you can actively cultivate it in your life.

Understanding JOMO

JOMO is just what it sounds like, it’s finding contentment and pleasure in experiences when CHOOSING to disconnect from the constant bombardment of social events, notifications, and stimuli overload. JOMO allows us to relish in moments spent alone, in leisure, and making genuine connections with your closest people. Be it a day getting lost in a new book by yourself or a movie marathon with your honey, JOMO is intentional time spent away from the fray of cat memes and obligatory meal pictures.

The FOMO-JOMO Continuum

Like so many things I discuss, there are levels to these concepts. We all have a different place on the FOMO-JOMO Continuum. There are times we realize that we’ve done the unthinkable… left our phones. If you’re like me, in this moment, the fear of missing out may grip you as you think about missed texts and impending boardroom. Other times, we have the kind of week where you want nothing more than to disappear into a world where only Family Feud and fuzzy blankets exist. Too much FOMO and we become neurotic and distracted; too much JOMO we enter isolation territory. As with many things in life, balance is key.

Why JOMO is Important

  • Reclaim your most valuable resource—time. JOMO allows you to prioritize your time and energy on the things that matter the most to you. It's about setting personal boundaries by saying 'no' to things that don't align with your values.

  • Reduce the stress and anxiety from constantly striving to keep up with everyone and everything. Staying in the know can be emotionally taxing after a while. JOMO graciously offers a reprieve from the rat race. Relax, put your feet up, and breathe.

  • Foster deeper connections with your inner circle. When you're not distracted by FOMO, you can remain present with the people you're with. That Facebook post can wait, you’re nurturing deeper and more meaningful relationships with your loved ones.

  • At its core, JOMO is self-care and a tool for reflection. It provides the perfect opportunity to rediscover your passions and discovering new ones.

Leveling up Your JOMO Skills

  • Deliberately Disconnect: Choose times to unplug, put away your devices, and just be in the present moment.

  • Prioritize What Matters Most: Consider all of your commitments and prioritize the ones that genuinely bring you joy and fulfillment.

  • Remember, “No” is a Complete Sentence: Say no with pride by declining invitations or opportunities that don't align with you or because you’d rather sit this one out.

  • Embrace Moments of Solitude: Spending time alone allows us to recharge and reflect. Solitude can also be a source of inspiration and inner peace.

  • Mindfully Engage with Others: When you're with others or taking part in an activity, be fully present in the moment with them. It deepens our experiences and connections.

Celebrate JOMO!

Let's get in the habit of celebrating moments of peace and tranquility, quiet nights in, and selective engagements. JOMO is less about missing out; it is more about living in the moment and cherishing it. It's time to embrace the Joy of Missing Out as a path to a more balanced life.

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